About Us

Celebrating Caribbean Heritage

The Paria Publishing Book & Gift Shop celebrates the culture and heritage that makes Trinidad and Tobago so special! As we say “Trinidad sweet too bad!”

As proud Trinbagonians we love all that makes our islands and our region unique.

T&T’s diversity of cultures is what makes up the Folklore of T&T, some which it shares with other Afro-Franco-Caribbean territories like Martinique, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Grenada, St. Lucia, and even Louisiana.

Do you remember the stories of the Soucoyant and Papa Bois that as a child filled your imagination? The La Diablesse, Mama Dlo, Duenns and the Lagahoo? No? Well then crappo smoke yuh pipe! Cric-Crak!

The traditions of the Bush-T™ herbal remedies, handed down from generation to generation, form a large part of the psyche of the Caribbean islands, not only in Trinidad and Tobago but in the entire archipelago. Our hugely diverse flora contains many plants that have healing qualities, and we want to keep that knowledge, or at least the romance, of it alive.

The cutesy architecture of the Gingerbread Houses™ of the 19th century cocoa boom in Trinidad is a fast disappearing treasure. These wooden gems with their lacy fretwork can still be spotted here and there in the country, and we want to bring their charm to your home and your life.

What are the images that you think of when you hear “long time days”? Children peacefully at play in nature, a community that comes together to watch over them, birds and animals of the forest, rivers and sea living in harmony with people. You will find charming representations of all of these in our shop!

Caribbean history and folklore, Christmas traditions, herbal remedies, the preservation of our built heritage and folk customs: these are all themes that Paria Publishing, founded in 1981 in Trinidad and Tobago, has been focusing on for more than four decades.

Having written, produced and published hundreds of books, many of them for children, we have dug down deep into our archives and come up with this specially curated selection of visuals that will bring feelings of nostalgia and romance to the Caribbean diaspora.

With the items available in our shop, we would like to bring a strong sense of identity to Caribbean people the world over, and bring a bit of tropical joy to their homes in colder climes.

For more information about Paria Publishing Co. Ltd: www.pariapublishing.com